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Visiting New Zealand is a challenge. So, when you arrive, you don’t want to miss anything, you want the experience to go beyond your expectations. Good weather conditions help to make your trip more spectacular, but to my mind, it’s the people you meet that make the place special and a journey unforgettable.

For my time in NZ I wasn’t alone. To light the way, Mark Dewsbery was sent to me to show me the way.  It seems he knows every tree, path, even cloud (you can be literally in the clouds with him, as he is a pilot). It appears the nature of South Island knew we were coming: we were lucky to see Mt. Cook (the highest point of NZ) with no clouds on the peak, while on our way to Mueller’s Hut. I will never forget the day when we had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on Sunday evening. Of course, we couldn’t go a whole trip without any bad luck, not one garage was open to help. We indeed had a spare wheel but it was not good enough to continue our distant journey. So Mark took me to a nice house, which was my accommodation for the night. The next day at 7 in the morning, he was back to pick me up with a new tire, full of energy and with fresh fruits and food packed to eat on the banks of a picturesque lake.

So if you want your trip to be well organized, full of special places and even regular touristic places – but shown from an unexpected angle – you want Mark Dewsbery as your guide.

– Daria Gaeva from Russia, February 2013