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Private Snowshoeing Tour

Private Snowshoeing Tour

Duration: 4-5 Hours
Distance: All custom
Rating: Options from easy to moderate

Private Snowshoeing Tour

You will be on top of the world in minutes from Queenstown without the strenuous climb. This area is surrounded by towering jagged mountain peaks and hidden winter alpine life, the only way to access this pristine environment is by Helicopter.

Endless mountain-tops, hidden valleys & frozen lakes stretch into infinity, Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu far below. Silence and remoteness surround you in this very special environment where you can hike and explore at leisure.

Once the adrenalin is rushing from your helicopter flight, don a pair of our high-tech snowshoes.  Gone are the old tennis racket style snowshoes and in are the new, slim line snowshoes which let you feel as if you are floating across the snow.
Then you and your expert guide can explore the snow covered wilderness that surrounds you.

Snowshoeing from Queenstown offers an exciting exploration of the wilderness. Most of the area around Queenstown is ‘back country’ and offers kilometres of snow in winter for snowshoeing.  Snowshoes allow you to walk across unbroken snow without sinking up to your waist, opening up huge possibilities for wilderness exploration. Duration of the tour is 4-5 hours maximum of 5 people with a private Guide

Youngest is once they can walk and oldest ever to go is 99.


Private Snowshoeing Tour