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The reMARKables with MARK Dewsbery – a remarkable experience!!

The Queen’s Drive half-day tramp was my favourite during 7 weeks of traveling and tramping around in New Zealand! I can barely understand why this tramp isn’t one of the “Great Walks”… Probably because (1.) there are not so many tourists around and (2.) you need a guide to find the way! I am generally not a big fan of guided tramps, but this one was special because I learned a lot about New Zealand’s flora and fauna on my way.

Remarkables Queens Drive

Queens Drive Lookout from Remarkables

Do you know the difference between a manuka and kanuka bush?
Have you seen and tried honeydew from black beech trees?
How does an “old man’s beard” help you in fire making?
Which plants are edible?
Which mosses are antiseptic?

Being in the wilderness since his childhood, Mark has the answer to all of these questions – AMAZING!

But what about the Remarkables? I can just say “nomen est omen”… They are remarkable and indescribable! You HAVE TO make that experience yourself to understand. To give you an idea, I will shortly describe this half-day tramp:

Mark and I started early in the morning for the steep climb up to the Remarkables. Luckily the first 13km can be driven by car, which we did. 🙂 Using this option, you have great views directly from the start – a big plus! But what really astonished me, was that the scenery and the view changed every 20 minutes. A new landscape and a new view behind every corner! We could even see Mount Cook from here!

Sitting in this jaw-dropping landscape, I enjoyed our lunch even more. Revived, we finished the 5h circle around the highest point of the Remarkables, returning to Lake Alta! This was the best tramp in New Zealand for me… it clearly outperforms the Abel Tasman!

THANK YOU for that experience MARK!!!!!

– Josephine from Germany, January 2013